Cereal Club: Golden Grahams – Not eating these would be a graham-atical error!

22 Oct

I feel like a child, it’s saturday morning, I awoke early and poured myself a large bowl of sugary cereal and sat in my trackies watching TV (not cartoons, as much as I’d like to like them I just can’t anymore). This Saturday I’ve been reunited with an old friend, Golden Grahams. When I was a kid they were taken off the shelf (I was devastated) and have only reappeared in recent years. Perhaps it was a fear of being hurt again that has made me hesitant to quickly return. Well, they’re back and it looks like they’re back for good. Huzzah!

Firstly I tried a few dry (stuffed handfuls into my mouth) before having a full bowl. Wow. Seriously, from a cereal devotee, that’s an incredible response. They’re big and crunchy with a strong flavour of brown sugar and a hint of butter, that’ll be the graham cracker element. After shoveling a quarter of the pack down my gullet while the kettle boiled (gotta have tea with cereal) I poured milk over a large bowl and settled in for a morning of laziness on the couch. I don’t know what it is but I’m in love with Golden Grahams, it’s nostaliga sure but they’re also packed with a flavour you don’t find in many other cereals. Sweet but not sugary sweet, and for those who hate soggy cereal, they hold their structure for quite a while in milk.
Bottom line this cereal is fantastic and its been installed as a regular to my cereal press. Nestlé please don’t take my Grahams away again.


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