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Halloween Candy – scary but not so tasty

29 Oct

I want to love Halloween, I really do. I love horror movies and have since I was a kid watching Hammer movies at 2 in the morning and developing an unhealthy lifelong love of the genre. Halloween is effectively the embodiment of these types of films, people dress up in ghoulish costumes and do their best to look scary. It should suit me down to the ground, so why don’t I like it? That’s genuinely a rhetorical question, I can’t fathom it myself. Perhaps it’s the lack of tradition surrounding the holiday, now it’s more costumes and going to themed nightclub parties and less bonfires and dark and mysterious rituals. Want to be scared? bob for apples, its extremely difficult and resembles something that I imagine to be similar to waterboarding. All that aside, its time to talk about what food we eat at Halloween. This is meant to be a food blog after all. Continue reading

Meringue Ghosts

16 Oct

Meringue Ghosts

I’ve always been very fond of October, it’s the month where you really begin to notice the seasons change. The nights are clear, the days are crisp, the smell of chimney smoke begins to permeate the evening air and piles of crunchy orange and brown leaves settle along the footpaths. Sure it can be a little depressing when you realise that you’re spending increasing amounts of your time in darkness; it’s dark when your alarm goes off in the morning and it’s dark when you’re getting home in the evening, but there’s lots to look forward to in October too – You don’t have to feel like a total loser for choosing to spend your nights on the couch instead of going outdoors, you get to snuggle up in warm and cosy winter jumpers, you can drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows once again, and of course there’s the little business of Halloween.
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