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Adobo Seasoned Chicken

14 Oct

Chicken is somewhat of an enigma. Bland, dry, flavourless, are all common adjectives used to describe chicken. Chef’s aren’t huge fans of it, classing it as a pretty mundane meat and people don’t like ordering it in restaurants because it’s a boring choice. So if all this is true then why do we eat more of it than any other meat in the world? Sure price has fallen drastically in recent years due to battery farming making it available to most but then again off-cuts of beef and pork, mutton, and offal are still just as cheap but remain unpopular. Continue reading

My Gripe with TV Chefs

17 Sep

People want less pretentious food and places to eat it in, or so  we are constantly being told by celebrity chefs. To distance themselves from ‘Haute’ cuisine they have dropped words like Michelin, gastronomy and alchemy from their vocabularies and embraced casual dining, bars in restaurants, places where the everyman can dine without feeling conspicuous or utterly ripped off. Continue reading