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Maple Pecan Cookies

29 May

Chocolate is without doubt, the greatest invention/discovery in the history of the world. Forget about your Penicillin, your Printing Press, Harnessed Electricity, and Post-It Notes. A world in which chocolate doesn’t exist is a world not worthy of existing at all. A bit dramatic? Probably, but all I had for lunch was some chocolate ice cream and my brain isn’t really the better for it. I ate two bananas yesterday though and a handful of raisins this morning, so it all evens out. But even the biggest of chocolate fans needs a break from the stuff from time to time, if only for a couple of days. So what to eat when you’re in the mood for something sweet but chocolate is off the menu? Homemade biscuits are always a great option. Continue reading

Halloween Candy – scary but not so tasty

29 Oct

I want to love Halloween, I really do. I love horror movies and have since I was a kid watching Hammer movies at 2 in the morning and developing an unhealthy lifelong love of the genre. Halloween is effectively the embodiment of these types of films, people dress up in ghoulish costumes and do their best to look scary. It should suit me down to the ground, so why don’t I like it? That’s genuinely a rhetorical question, I can’t fathom it myself. Perhaps it’s the lack of tradition surrounding the holiday, now it’s more costumes and going to themed nightclub parties and less bonfires and dark and mysterious rituals. Want to be scared? bob for apples, its extremely difficult and resembles something that I imagine to be similar to waterboarding. All that aside, its time to talk about what food we eat at Halloween. This is meant to be a food blog after all. Continue reading

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

14 Sep

Cooling Cookies

I’m not in the habit of tooting my own horn, but today I achieved something great; baking possibly the tastiest chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten. Crunchy at the edges, chewy in the centre, and full of ooey gooey chocolatey goodness throughout. I followed David Leite’s recipe which promised the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie and having chowed down on more than one of these today I can honestly say that they deliver. Part of the secret is letting the dough rest in the fridge for around 36 hours prior to baking. This allows the liquid to soak into the rest of the ingredients resulting in a drier and firmer dough and better baking results (deeper colour and richer flavour). Another key is the addition of salt both into the dough and sprinkled on top before popping into the oven which enhances the overall flavour. These cookies mean business; 3 and a half ounces in uncooked dough and measuring between 4 and 4 and a half inches in diameter post baking. The larger size helps achieve that delicious texture, a combination of chewy and crunchy. I weighed out the dough to precisely 3 1/2 oz because I really like using our new digital weighing scales, and also because I wanted to achieve a uniform result in appearance and texture. But mainly the scales thing. Continue reading

Biscuit Club: let the battle begin

13 Sep

(US), (Canadian) Biscuit: a kind of small roll similar to a muffin.
(Brit) Biscuit: a small flat dry sweet or plain cake.

We’re only concerned with the latter here, American biscuits are not my forte whereas, anyone who knows me will testify to this, when it comes to British/European biscuits I should be somewhat of an expert considering the amount I eat. To me biscuits are a step above all sweet snacks for the simple reason that a cup of tea just isn’t the same without one or two or three…
Biscuits are a bit of an obsession in Ireland. If you don’t believe me just invite an Irish person over for tea and tell them you’re out of biscuits, not much fun is it? So intense is our love, weekly cash collections take place in offices up and down the country to replace depleted biscuit stocks in the canteen. Who wants to spend 8 biscuitless hours in work? not me.

Seeing as I eat vast quantities and think a lot about biscuits it made sense to compile a list of the best on the market. Foolish decision, its sort of like beginning a masters thesis and suddenly realising you hadn’t envisaged this much work. Just take a walk down the biscuit isle in your local supermarket and you’ll soon see what I mean. With that said I powered on and consumed endless amounts of buttery sweet crumbly goodness all in the name of research. Continue reading