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Light Summer Suppers – Flamiche.

25 Jul


One of my favourite words in the whole wide world is ‘eggy’. I use it to describe a wide variety of things, usually flavours and textures that I find slightly unappealing. No trace of egg whatsoever in the food I’m referring to? I don’t care, to me it is eggy. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a good egg. Love ‘em! Poached, fried, baked, boiled, partnered with mayo and shoved between two slices of fresh bread. Delicious! The egg is so versatile and is quite simply, magnificent. An eggy texture however, not so good. Have you ever attempted to bake a cheesecake and it comes out all horrible, wobbly, and a bit curdled? (I speak from painful experience). Well that’s eggy.

That is exactly the kind of texture that put me off quiches and tarts for so many years. After trying a number of poor quality versions I assumed they were all a bit ‘eggy’ in nature. I mean eggy in my sense, not due to the fact that they actually contain a number of eggs…this is beginning to get confusing. I’ll get to the point, which is this; this Flamiche (a tart made with leeks and cream) makes a deliciously light and satisfying dinner while still having a creamy richness about it. When sliced the cheesy filling oozes slowly and majestically out onto the plate, and any dinner that oozes cream and cheese is OK in my book. Continue reading

Bakewell Tart

1 May

Bakewell Tart

Today is Summer, it’s official. I woke up this morning and pulled back the curtains to see a dull grey sky and torrential rain that showed no sign of stopping. It was 8°C. It was also my day off and the awful weather meant I’d be spending most of the day in the apartment unless I wanted to end up like one of those soggy old socks you always see lying abandoned on the street for some weird reason. A trip to the supermarket was essential to buy some soft fresh white bread for the crisp and cheese sandwich that makes up an important element of my day off (oh dear).  Two, three, four hours later; pouring rain and driving wind. This really hasn’t been the  balmy summers day I’d been hoping for.  But nothing perks me up more than thinking of, making, and more importantly eating tasty baked goods. Particularly baked goods that contain almonds. Oh almonds, you delicious nutty bastards. I like to eat them, drink them, and cover my body in their nutritious oils. Is there anything they can’t do? I’ll save you some time, the answer is no. Continue reading