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Bake Off – Scones

30 Oct

There’s nothing better than a warm scone generously buttered and smothered in good quality raspberry jam. It’s one of those things that I’ve loved since I was a kid and hasn’t changed much unlike Bewley’s cherry buns, but that’s a matter for another day. The one difference I’ve seen in recent years has been the inclusion of fruits and berries to the humble scone and I for one am a supporter of this change. How can adding variety in the form of raspberries, apples and blackberries be a bad thing especially when it hasn’t led to the detriment of the original scone? Like anything, there scones of varying quality out there and we’ve attempted, through eating vast quantities of scones, to uncover the best of the best, for your convenience of course. Continue reading

Biscuit Club: let the battle begin

13 Sep

(US), (Canadian) Biscuit: a kind of small roll similar to a muffin.
(Brit) Biscuit: a small flat dry sweet or plain cake.

We’re only concerned with the latter here, American biscuits are not my forte whereas, anyone who knows me will testify to this, when it comes to British/European biscuits I should be somewhat of an expert considering the amount I eat. To me biscuits are a step above all sweet snacks for the simple reason that a cup of tea just isn’t the same without one or two or three…
Biscuits are a bit of an obsession in Ireland. If you don’t believe me just invite an Irish person over for tea and tell them you’re out of biscuits, not much fun is it? So intense is our love, weekly cash collections take place in offices up and down the country to replace depleted biscuit stocks in the canteen. Who wants to spend 8 biscuitless hours in work? not me.

Seeing as I eat vast quantities and think a lot about biscuits it made sense to compile a list of the best on the market. Foolish decision, its sort of like beginning a masters thesis and suddenly realising you hadn’t envisaged this much work. Just take a walk down the biscuit isle in your local supermarket and you’ll soon see what I mean. With that said I powered on and consumed endless amounts of buttery sweet crumbly goodness all in the name of research. Continue reading

Birthday Cake

9 Sep

M&S Madeira Birthday Cake
You know you’re getting old when you’re excited about getting Madeira cake for your birthday. But this one had fondant balloons so it’s still got some of the kiddy factor. Continue reading