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Cherry Cake and the Price of Bacon

8 Jan

Cherry Cake

I awoke on New Year’s Day with a hankering for rashers and cake. Not together of course, as that would be disgusting…?  I reluctantly got out of bed (is there any other way) and we made our way down to the crappier supermarket (the good one being closed). Walking straight past the fruit and veg (nothing of interest there) we manoeuvred our way toward the meat fridge only to be met with a shocking discovery. The price of some of our favourite bacon (the maple kind) had risen by 99 cent. 99 CENT!! That’s a whopping overnight increase of 45.9%. There are few things I care about in this life but good bacon, and my ability purchase and consume said bacon, is definitely one of them. This was a worrying turn of events to say the least. Oh we still bought it of course, but it left a terribly sour taste in the palate (in a metaphorical sense only, those rashers were as as tasty as ever). Continue reading