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Crackling good pulled pork

17 Sep

To me the pulled pork sandwich is quintessentially American. A sandwich so perfect in its simplicity (slow cooked pork shoulder, coleslaw and bun) that its southern roots have crept steadily and across the continent. It seems every time I watch the Food Network I’m witnessing yet another new presenter munching their way through  the “best pulled pork sandwich in America”. I’m not complaining I’m just envious because I’m destined to live a life devoid of juicy pork sandwiches or so I thought. Turns out my local butcher sells pork shoulders, something the entire universe already knows but after years of supermarket shopping  I forgot that meat isn’t naturally pre sliced into convenient cuts and packaged in neat little containers. The raw meat aisle is as close to the farmyard as I’ve gotten in recent years unfortunately. Continue reading