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Sandwich Club – Ham and Cheese twist

2 Aug

Ham, cheese, tomato, olive, baby greens

Okay so you’re thinking a ham and cheese sandwich isn’t all that exciting, and quite frankly I tend to agree but this is so much more than sweaty pink rubber topped with powdery grated “cheddar” you get from so many deli counters. Continue reading

Light Summer Suppers – Flamiche.

25 Jul


One of my favourite words in the whole wide world is ‘eggy’. I use it to describe a wide variety of things, usually flavours and textures that I find slightly unappealing. No trace of egg whatsoever in the food I’m referring to? I don’t care, to me it is eggy. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a good egg. Love ‘em! Poached, fried, baked, boiled, partnered with mayo and shoved between two slices of fresh bread. Delicious! The egg is so versatile and is quite simply, magnificent. An eggy texture however, not so good. Have you ever attempted to bake a cheesecake and it comes out all horrible, wobbly, and a bit curdled? (I speak from painful experience). Well that’s eggy.

That is exactly the kind of texture that put me off quiches and tarts for so many years. After trying a number of poor quality versions I assumed they were all a bit ‘eggy’ in nature. I mean eggy in my sense, not due to the fact that they actually contain a number of eggs…this is beginning to get confusing. I’ll get to the point, which is this; this Flamiche (a tart made with leeks and cream) makes a deliciously light and satisfying dinner while still having a creamy richness about it. When sliced the cheesy filling oozes slowly and majestically out onto the plate, and any dinner that oozes cream and cheese is OK in my book. Continue reading

Arancini – fried rice balls

1 Jun


I adapted this recipe from Michael Symon’s Carnivore and it really couldn’t be any simpler. The best thing is it makes use of leftovers meaning most of the work is already done. Continue reading

Enjoying the Blues

4 Dec

Blue cheese was a relatively rare product only a few years ago, sold exclusively through boutique food stores and cheesemongers. With money came a craving for a sophisticated lifestyle and what could be more suave than acting like a Frenchman glugging red wine while scarfing down some seriously smelly cheese? The celtic tiger may have left us penniless but we have plenty of cheese and wine to salve our fiscal problems. Thankfully we have also realised that we have produce capable of competing with the best from Britain and France – on the cheese front at least, despite global warming our weather system is still not conducive to productive viticulture. Continue reading

Oreo Truffles

5 Oct

Oreo TrufflesI tried to make my own truffles once. There was white chocolate, dark chocolate, double cream, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, and a generous heaping of hope and high expecations. I have to say the flavour was pretty decent but unfortunately they looked like a big sack of crap. They also began to melt profusely every time I opened the fridge door, a temptation that my busy little hands just couldn’t resist. So yes, if you were one of those people to whom I offered a homemade truffle about a year and a half or so ago then it probably had one of my fat greedy fingers in it before it hit your mouth. You can cover up anything if you have enough chocolate shavings. Apologies.

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It’s Crunch Time: Tayto V Walkers

23 Sep

Tayto Cheese and Onion are as Irish as a tinker with tarmac. They’re known simply as Tayto in many circles and are the undisputed king of crisps in Ireland (no offense King crisps), at least they were until Walkers, now owned by multinational Frito-Lay, entered the market. Often smaller nationwide companies tend to be swept away or at best swallowed up by multinationals like Lays, so how did Tayto stick around and keep their market share? By making damn good crisps capable of rivalling anything on the market for quality and price.

That said, I ‘ve been firmly entrenched in the Walkers camp ever since they sailed across the Irish sea. Initially the blue packet for cheese and onion was confusing as it’s traditionally salt and vinegar, but I was won over on taste and texture. I’ve always found walkers to have a sharper cheese flavour and supremely better crunch to their offerings. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself on the wrong side of every crisp argument to date and feel a little left out in the cold, not to mention rather uncertain as to the merit of my own taste. For years I stood firm until recently when I noticed a change in Walkers and for the worse it must be told. However, they are still good crisps but are they still better than Tayto? Continue reading

Seriously Cheesy Cheeseburger

15 Sep

Ever had a double double with grilled onions from In-N-Out? If not I recommend booking yourself on the next available flight to Los Angeles as this needs to be remedied pronto. But don’t take my word for it; Thomas Keller rented the In-N-Out cookout truck to celebrate the anniversary of his restaurant, The French Laundry. High praise indeed.
Once I sampled a double double no other burger could satisfy my taste buds again which left me in somewhat of a pickle considering my local outlet is over 7000km away. I searched feverishly like a crack addict attempting to recreate that initial high but no burger came close to delivering the endorphin rush I experienced in LA. The only thing left to do was attempt to make my own version of a double double and pray that it would tide me over until my next pilgrimage to SoCal. With a little help from the Serious Eats lab, I have managed a pretty good version even if I do say so myself.
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The Cheese Club

9 Sep

We recently decided to list our favourtie cheeses and in order to do so we thought it necessary to consume copious amounts of the stuff, in the line of duty of course. Turns out our tastes are refined and childish all in one, it is apparently possible to love American cheese as much as an unpasturized Brie. They both have their distinctive qualities one can’t possibly ignore. Without furhter nonsense here’s the list minus the odours unfortunately.

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