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It’s Crunch Time: Tayto V Walkers

23 Sep

Tayto Cheese and Onion are as Irish as a tinker with tarmac. They’re known simply as Tayto in many circles and are the undisputed king of crisps in Ireland (no offense King crisps), at least they were until Walkers, now owned by multinational Frito-Lay, entered the market. Often smaller nationwide companies tend to be swept away or at best swallowed up by multinationals like Lays, so how did Tayto stick around and keep their market share? By making damn good crisps capable of rivalling anything on the market for quality and price.

That said, I ‘ve been firmly entrenched in the Walkers camp ever since they sailed across the Irish sea. Initially the blue packet for cheese and onion was confusing as it’s traditionally salt and vinegar, but I was won over on taste and texture. I’ve always found walkers to have a sharper cheese flavour and supremely better crunch to their offerings. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself on the wrong side of every crisp argument to date and feel a little left out in the cold, not to mention rather uncertain as to the merit of my own taste. For years I stood firm until recently when I noticed a change in Walkers and for the worse it must be told. However, they are still good crisps but are they still better than Tayto? Continue reading