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Beeftro – restaurant review

9 Mar
Image taken from Beeftro.com

image from Beeftro.com

Beeftro’s hunks of perfectly seared cow make me feel warm and cosy inside. Continue reading

Bunsen Burger, where tasty meat craves some salt

4 Oct


The Schtick: Classic, straight up burgers that are a long way short of being great. Crispy and fluffy shoestring fries are excellent however.

Cooking Method: Flat top grilled

Price: Hamburger €6.95; Cheeseburger €7.45; Fries, Handcut or Shoestring €2.95

“How would you like your burger cooked?” is a question you don’t hear too often in Ireland. In fact, a request for doneness usually provokes the “we cook all our burgers medium well… it reduces the chances of contracting some of the bacteria harboured in our frozen mystery meat hockey pucks”. Ok I added the last bit. But it’s truly refreshing to find a place like Bunsen that’s grinding good quality meat in-house. Continue reading

Fast Food – McDonalds 1955 Burger

16 Oct

Image courtesy of Burger Business

Firstly I must admit that I’m a fast food junkie. If I could eat burgers, pizza, tacos, kebabs etc. everyday I would live a not so full but certainly a happy life. When I was younger there was no local megachain so I looked forward to bi-annual trips to Dublin where we’d stop at the drive thru on the way into the city. The drive was always my favourite part of the trip. To this day I always stop at McDonald’s at the airport when leaving Dublin (those bastards snuck a Burger King into the new Terminal 2 but I guess it’ll have to do despite the fries). So when McDonald’s announced recently they were launching their 1955 burger in Ireland I was understandably excited. Continue reading

Seriously Cheesy Cheeseburger

15 Sep

Ever had a double double with grilled onions from In-N-Out? If not I recommend booking yourself on the next available flight to Los Angeles as this needs to be remedied pronto. But don’t take my word for it; Thomas Keller rented the In-N-Out cookout truck to celebrate the anniversary of his restaurant, The French Laundry. High praise indeed.
Once I sampled a double double no other burger could satisfy my taste buds again which left me in somewhat of a pickle considering my local outlet is over 7000km away. I searched feverishly like a crack addict attempting to recreate that initial high but no burger came close to delivering the endorphin rush I experienced in LA. The only thing left to do was attempt to make my own version of a double double and pray that it would tide me over until my next pilgrimage to SoCal. With a little help from the Serious Eats lab, I have managed a pretty good version even if I do say so myself.
Continue reading