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Beeftro – restaurant review

9 Mar
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Beeftro’s hunks of perfectly seared cow make me feel warm and cosy inside. Continue reading

Bunsen Burger, where tasty meat craves some salt

4 Oct


The Schtick: Classic, straight up burgers that are a long way short of being great. Crispy and fluffy shoestring fries are excellent however.

Cooking Method: Flat top grilled

Price: Hamburger €6.95; Cheeseburger €7.45; Fries, Handcut or Shoestring €2.95

“How would you like your burger cooked?” is a question you don’t hear too often in Ireland. In fact, a request for doneness usually provokes the “we cook all our burgers medium well… it reduces the chances of contracting some of the bacteria harboured in our frozen mystery meat hockey pucks”. Ok I added the last bit. But it’s truly refreshing to find a place like Bunsen that’s grinding good quality meat in-house. Continue reading

My Gripe with TV Chefs

17 Sep

People want less pretentious food and places to eat it in, or so  we are constantly being told by celebrity chefs. To distance themselves from ‘Haute’ cuisine they have dropped words like Michelin, gastronomy and alchemy from their vocabularies and embraced casual dining, bars in restaurants, places where the everyman can dine without feeling conspicuous or utterly ripped off. Continue reading