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Vanilla Malt Milkshake

5 Aug

Vanilla Malt

I feel like I’ve been plagued with sinus issues pretty much non-stop over the last two months. I’ve been popping pills and spraying stuff up my nostrils like nobody’s business. Unfortunately this isn’t as much as fun as it sounds. However I read somewhere recently (literally just now, on this page, because I wrote it) that malted vanilla milkshakes are an excellent cure for sinus problems, and pretty much every other ailment in the known universe {*citation needed}. I really don’t have the time to wait around for official studies to confirm what I already know to be true, so I decided to self-medicate as quickly as possible with this delicious, creamy, refreshing malted milkshake. I suggest you do the same. Continue reading

Drinking the top shelf: Indian Pale Ales

12 Jun

After a two-year wait Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than drinking beer. With the rapid growth of the brewing scene both in Ireland and the widespread availability of craft beers, there’s really no excuse for buying multi-packs of mass produced fizzy water oft mistaken for beer. While some craft beers can be either too bitter or too fruity, these Indian Pale Ales (IPAs) are full of balanced flavours to keep you refreshed in the summer heat. Continue reading

Drinking the top shelf – Brooklyn Lager

21 Oct

I’ve never claimed to be a beer aficionado, beer enthusiast, most certainly. Like most people I’ll buy whatever is on offer but I have some standards; it must be bottled and contain at least 4.3% alcohol. I’ve had too many misspent days lying around wishing I was dead after some truly wretched swill and now that I’m older I fear that the great 6 for €7 bargain I was such an ardent supporter of may actually kill me. Drinking reminds you of how old you’re getting, as you age you learn to appreciate flavours more and desperately try to avoid getting very drunk for fear of the day after. If you don’t understand, you will some day and I’m glad about that, if I must suffer then so should you. Don’t you just hate those people who bound out of bed bright and breezy and tuck into a fry while you’re lying in bed praying that God actually does exist and promising you’ll live a better life if you survive the day. What fickle people we are. Continue reading