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Fast Food – McDonalds 1955 Burger

16 Oct

Image courtesy of Burger Business

Firstly I must admit that I’m a fast food junkie. If I could eat burgers, pizza, tacos, kebabs etc. everyday I would live a not so full but certainly a happy life. When I was younger there was no local megachain so I looked forward to bi-annual trips to Dublin where we’d stop at the drive thru on the way into the city. The drive was always my favourite part of the trip. To this day I always stop at McDonald’s at the airport when leaving Dublin (those bastards snuck a Burger King into the new Terminal 2 but I guess it’ll have to do despite the fries). So when McDonald’s announced recently they were launching their 1955 burger in Ireland I was understandably excited. Continue reading


Seriously Cheesy Cheeseburger

15 Sep

Ever had a double double with grilled onions from In-N-Out? If not I recommend booking yourself on the next available flight to Los Angeles as this needs to be remedied pronto. But don’t take my word for it; Thomas Keller rented the In-N-Out cookout truck to celebrate the anniversary of his restaurant, The French Laundry. High praise indeed.
Once I sampled a double double no other burger could satisfy my taste buds again which left me in somewhat of a pickle considering my local outlet is over 7000km away. I searched feverishly like a crack addict attempting to recreate that initial high but no burger came close to delivering the endorphin rush I experienced in LA. The only thing left to do was attempt to make my own version of a double double and pray that it would tide me over until my next pilgrimage to SoCal. With a little help from the Serious Eats lab, I have managed a pretty good version even if I do say so myself.
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