Book Club Bites – Homemade Humous.

6 Jun

Book Club Bites

The end of the week is fast approaching and you have a book club meeting coming up. That’s right, I read! You want to make a tasty treat to bring along but over the last 12 months your friends have become increasingly health conscious. All of a sudden the things you hold dear; mayonnaise, cream, butter, chocolate, animal fat, are just not appealing to them anymore (were they ever?) What are you going to do? Obviously the first thought that springs to mind is; make new friends. But I’m on the wrong side of 27 now and that just seems like a lot of hard work. Making something that borders more on the healthy side than my usual kitchen endeavours seems a slightly less daunting task.

Who on earth could I turn to for advice on a suitable snack to prepare? Surely the Queen of the Book Club, Ms. Oprah Winfrey herself could provide some sound advice. She suggests that one “seduce with food” – a woman after my own heart – and goes on to propose a “juicy three-cheese lasagne”. Thanks Oprah, but I was really thinking of something that required a little less effort – years of excessive mayonnaise, cheese, chocolate, and butter consumption have rendered me rather lazy. All I want is something easy and tasty that doesn’t stick like a barnacle to my arteries on the way down.

Ah yes, this’ll do the trick; Humous! I like humous. I like it a lot. There’s nothing at all wrong with the one I usually buy in the supermarket, it’s just how I like it; smooth, creamy, and flavoursome. I often find myself dipping a tentative finger into the tub just to make sure it reaches my standards and before I know it I’ve devoured half the contents. Now before you get sick into your mouth picturing a grown woman wolfing down half a tub of humous with her bare hands in the space of 10 seconds let me explain myself: 1) I’ve already purchased and brought home my shopping so this practice is taking place in the privacy of my own kitchen, and 2) It’s not like I’d be sharing the tub anyway so there’s no fear of anyone having to deal with my nasty double-dipping. So calm down, it’s all very above board. Homemade humous; easy to make and transport and super delicious (I hope).


240g Chickpeas (drained weight)
30ml Olive Oil
30ml Warm Water
1 head of garlic
Juice of 1 lemon
Good Pinch of Sea Salt (and to taste)

1)Preheat oven to 375°F/190°C. Cut off the very top of the head of garlic so that the tops of most of the cloves are slightly exposed. Coat with a little olive oil and wrap tightly in tin foil. Roast garlic in oven for 1 hour. Remove and allow to cool.
2)Squeeze the soft roasted garlic out of each clove and into food processor. Rinse and drain the chickpeas. Add them along with all the other ingredients to the food processor. Blend until completely smooth.
3)Scrape the ingredients off the sides of the food processor to make sure it blends evenly. If the humous is too thick, you can add additional olive oil very slowly, allowing to combine fully before adding more liquid.

Was it better than the regular humous I buy in Tesco? Well, not really. Did I feel a warm glow knowing I had made this myself with my bare hands (food processor)? Not especially. Will I stick to shop bought humous in future? Most probably. But this will do as a tasty enough snack for me now as I race to get this bloody book finished for Friday. I’ll probably just bring some Haribo Starmix.

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