Kellogg’s Just Right

20 Jan

Kellogg's Just Right

‘… a harmony of whole-wheat, corn and rice flakes packed with succulent raisins, and sliced almonds’.

The world of healthful cereal is incredibly vast and could take up a supermarket aisle by itself. It’s largely for that reason that Just Right had gone unnoticed by me for years, well that and its outlandish price tag (€4.45 for 500g, cheapest found). So when Tesco had it on offer I bought a pack to satisfy my curiosity regarding it’s hefty cost, and I’m a sucker for a good deal but then again who isn’t these days. I’d always imagined Just Right was for young professionals who were too sophisticated for Fruit and Fibre or All Bran but lacking real substance to the inflated value. How wrong I was.

When I opened the box a waft of brown sugar/molasses cereal breath filled the air. Salivating like Greg Wallace watching a chocolate soufflé rise I poured a bowl and tucked in before allowing the milk time to absorb into the lower portion of cereal. The brown sugar immediately kicked in, followed by puffed rice (rice krispie-esque, trust me it works brilliantly in this cereal) and a malty/nutty flavour. It’s the best healthy cereal I’ve ever tasted, in fact it’s one of the best cereals I’ve ever tasted. Oh and there are plenty of raisins too (11% to be exact), unlike some of the cheaper cereals that are bulked out with oats and cheap nuts. And if you want full flavour let it rest in milk for a while so you get texture contrast and sweet brown sugar flavoured milk.

Unlike many “healthy” cereals that have cardboard like texture with dried bananas designed to shatter teeth and a flavour that can only be described as insipid, Just Right finds the perfect balance in both flavour and texture. Simply, its name is rather apt.


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  1. May 10, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    You need to get out more!!

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