Cereal Club – Krave

2 Jan

What I liked initially about Krave was it’s marketing campaign, for the first time in a long time a cereal was being unashamedly marketed as being good tasting and not much else. In these times of health conscious mothers it’s rare to find such a thing even in the kiddy cereal aisle where Kellogg’s are hell bent on ruining old classics such as Coco Pops by adding healthful varieties to the range such as the thoroughly disgusting looking choco rolls and coco pops rocks. Eating Coco Pops for the benefit of your health is as silly as going to McDonalds and ordering a salad. No, healthy and kiddy cereal just don’t go hand in hand and that’s part of the joy of getting them. As a kid Cornflakes and Rice Krispies were cupboard staples and Frosties and Coco Pops appeared on special occasions, their rarity was what made them special and adding healthy grains reduces them to level of the common cereal. My fear is that all the wacky cereal characters will one day be wearing t-shirts emblazoned with words like ‘multigrain’ and ‘fiber’, only to eventually be abolished leaving only the text and some hideous aspartame loaded grain infused carob cereal inside. At least Krave is going some way to appease my concern

Once in a while a new cereal hits the shelves that you know you’ve got to try. Cue Krave, ‘Crispy Cereal Shells with a milk/hazelnut chocolate centre’, how could one possibly resist? It sounds like candy in a cereal packet and not what the average adult wants for breakfast but the child in every adult craves it, pardon the pun.

One dry handful and I knew this was going to be a love or hate cereal for most. Both the crispy shell and chocolate centre were incredibly sweet, the only difference really being texture as the milk chocolate doesn’t have much flavour. (The hazelnut variety is far superior, it’s like eating nutella on toast in cereal form) As this is so saccharine it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Secondly the texture on contact with milk will also put off those who hate soggy cereal. As I mentioned before I love it when cereal does it’s thing in milk after a few minutes and goes a little soggy so you get a layering of texture crunchy on top, soggy on the bottom. Krave goes spongy instantly once plunged into milk and becomes an altogether different cereal, the shell loses some of its sugariness and develops a mellow flavour probably better for breakfast time.

Would I buy this cereal again? I’ve thought about that a few times since trying Krave and the fact that I’ve had to think about it means it’s not too likely unless it’s on offer and it would have to be the hazelnut variety as milk chocolate is too sweet even for me. There is also a limited caramel version available at the moment for serious sugar lovers.


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