Cereal Club – Porridge doesn’t have to be boring

23 Nov

On the subject of porridge I am utterly ignorant, I have only recently been enlightened that porridge enthusiast do actually exist. How on earth could anyone be enthusiastic about a food stuff so utterly lacking in variety of flavour and texture was my initial reaction. The only plausible reason I could think of for putting yourself through the arduous process of cooking and eating the grey goop was in penance for some terrible act you had once committed. I apologise for my philistinism for I now know that eating porridge is more than a facet of one’s daily pilgrimage. I could easily blame Tony the Tiger or Coco Monkey for my lifelong distrust and abstinence of porridge because if their cereals hadn’t tasted so good I might have been more inclined to try something new once in a while. If it’s not broken don’t fix it was a cliché I firmly lived by when choosing what to eat for breakfast and if there wasn’t a colourful character on the box it wasn’t to be trusted in my eyes.

Now that I’m older I’m naturally more fearful of everything and more aware of my body and it’s bias towards flabiness when proper diet is not observed. To curb this process I thought it best to perhaps mix up my cereals and incorporate something healthful into the rotation. Normally I go as far as hot milk on Cornflakes which is as underestimated as Jay Cutler’s throwing arm but just as good. I also though I’d go seasonal seeing as it’s all the rage these days and what could be more fitting than a bowl of apple and raisin porridge flavoured with cinnamon of course. Before I continue, as it is my custom to write with full disclosure I must tell admit that my porridge was not of the traditional cook on the hob variety rather the instant microwaveable type. I’m not a porridge connoisseur after all. Some of you enthusiasts may be glad to hear that I did let my porridge soak in milk overnight as advised on the packet so it wasn’t so instant after all.

So how did it taste? Surprisingly amazing, sweet, sour and creamy, a combination I admit you can’t get from sugary cereals. While many cereals attempt to replicate the apple cinnamon flavour they are just a totally different breed to this porridge. The apples tasted like apples that actually once grew on a tree, the cinnamon was spicy rather than sugary and the raisins were plump and sweet. The creaminess that can only be provided by full fat milk brings this porridge to the next level. It is truly a taste of winter. So if you’re feeling in the need to usher in that Christmas feeling or just want something hot on an icy cold morning you can’t go wrong with a bowl of porridge flavoured with cinnamon and don’t worry no one will judge you for pouring a generous tablespoon of wild flower honey over the top.


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