Fast Food – McDonalds 1955 Burger

16 Oct

Image courtesy of Burger Business

Firstly I must admit that I’m a fast food junkie. If I could eat burgers, pizza, tacos, kebabs etc. everyday I would live a not so full but certainly a happy life. When I was younger there was no local megachain so I looked forward to bi-annual trips to Dublin where we’d stop at the drive thru on the way into the city. The drive was always my favourite part of the trip. To this day I always stop at McDonald’s at the airport when leaving Dublin (those bastards snuck a Burger King into the new Terminal 2 but I guess it’ll have to do despite the fries). So when McDonald’s announced recently they were launching their 1955 burger in Ireland I was understandably excited.

BACON, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, what’s not to like about this burger? (apart from the glaring lack of cheese of course) That aside this burger is conceptually impressive for Mickey Ds and the beauty shot is attractive and looks more akin to a Carl’s Jr sandwich, again another plus point as McDs have been intent on restaurantising their burgers recently with low-grade Ciabatta buns. This burger recalls classic 1950’s flavours of caramelized onion, smoked bbq and bacon, eh I don’t get it either but then again I’m an 80’s child. Retrospective or not, this fails miserably on execution much to my dismay. Like a child at Christmas, the excitement was palpable as I opened the cardboard burger container. Understandably my jaw dropped when I saw this staring back at me.

This looks nothing like it did on the menu but I can forgive that, what I can’t forgive was the mismatch of flavours and poor cooking. The patty was tasteless with an obvious lack of McDonalds usual seasoning but it was overcooking that had rendered it near inedible. I made a decent attempt anyway. Funnily enough that wasn’t the worst element. The saccharine loaded sauce would have been more appropriate on a McFlurry and killed everything else on the burger.The bacon should have worked by providing a salty note but it was also far too dry and crisp and hard to find as there was so little of it. The only high note provided by the passable caramelized onions but this burger was beyond saving. Speaking of which, I suggest you save the ghastly €5.10 for this monstrosity in favour of… well anything else to be quite honest.


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