Smoked Sea Salt – where have you been all my life?

4 Oct

Salt. A basic human taste. Essential for animal life. A necessity for cooking. Awesome. What else do I need to say about salt? well just one thing, it can get even better. Smoke it and you’ve got the most ridiculously amazing flavour known to man. Salt, Smoke, by their powers combined form a sort of super condiment. A captain planet of the condiment world if you will.

I love salt and I hope you do to because if you’re one of those low sodium or iodised salt freaks, please go away as you won’t appreciate this. A true salt lover will always add at leat one sachet of salt to their already seasoned McDonalds fries. Ok so you might not be that hooked but its ok, I don’t hate you, I know I have an unhealthy love of salt.

I’m here to help you by ending your life as you know it and starting your new flavour enhanced journey armed with smoked salt. Think I’m exaggerating don’t you. Ever take a walk on a cold crisp evening and smell the chimney smoke-filled air? It’s a great aroma that signals the start of winter and conjures up warm and cosy feelings and thoughts of sitting by the fire watching a Christmas themed cookery show sipping spiced hot chocolate. Open a jar of smoked sea salt and tell me those feelings don’t instantly wash over your body. And when the brown flakes meet hot food they melt slightly, releasing their pungent vapours enticing you even more. Risotto and steak are elevated to a new dimension, the smoked crystals act like pieces of savoury popping candy, dispensing intense bursts of flavour with every bite. Ah salt, it’s great.


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