Salted Caramel, nectar of the gods

28 Sep

One day God awoke and decided he was going to treat mankind to slice of heaven which amounts to Salted Caramel in its earthly form. How he did it, I don’t much care. How it tastes, mere mortals can attempt to fashion a feeble description but cannot capture its essence in words. You know the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, well its full of salted caramel.

Sweet, salty, rich, buttery, what’s not to like? The only negative thing I can say about this stuff is that I can’t find enough things worthy to slather it on. I could eat it straight out of the jar but stupid modern society has given me the medical nous to know my heart will probably explode in later years if I were to do this. Ice cream would seem to be the perfect vehicle but I’m not a fan unfortunately, so ice cream lovers please revel in your delight elsewhere. No, far be it from me to tell you what to do with this sweet ambrosia, just be creative.

My only concern is where does food go from here?


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