Rice Krispie Squares

25 Sep

Rice Krispie Square

Rice Krispie Squares; chewy, gooey, and likely to relieve you of your fillings. I’ve had a grudge against the rice krispie square for over a decade now due to its rock-solid-stickier-than-fly-paper texture and its sickly sweet taste. But not all rice krispie squares are created equal as I recently discovered upon chowing down on some sweet treats courtesy of my sister. When I first tasted them I thought they were delicious but knew I’d have to make them again myself at a later date when I was in a more impartial mood because (a) I’d been drinking, and (b) I hadn’t had any dinner and would have eaten my own hands. The result of my efforts was still very tasty although I did make the mistake of using kerrygold – the butteriest butter in all the land – and so each square had a slight aftertaste of heart attack. I should point out however that this didn’t put me off devouring them.

Sarah’s Rice Krispie Squares.
Tin size 30cm x 20cm x 4cm. I lined with grease proof paper just to make sure there were no unpleasant stickies.

6 x 65 g of mars bars (or Mister Choc!)
200g butter (Unsalted!)
2000g of rice krispies
250g good milk chocolate

1) Cut butter & mars bars into chunks, pop in a saucepan & melt over low heat using a whisk to mix. My Mister Choc lumped up something fierce but some good whisking will help melt the big chunks.
2) Add the melted mixture to rice krispies, mix well.
3) Put in your tin & press down until firm.
4) Melt chocolate either in microwave on low for around 2 mins or in a bowl over saucepan
5) Pour over the mixture and spread evenly.
6) Leave to set in the fridge for a few hours.

Easy peasy!

Rice Krispie Square


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