Cereal Club: Move over Honey Cheerios, Honey Loops are where it’s at

19 Sep

Ever take a break from your usual brand out of curiosity or thriftiness? I did, and how disappointed I was. I love cereal and I’m not one bit ashamed to say it. I’m grumpy when I don’t have a choice of at least 4 cereals in the morning, I like how its versatility can cater for my fickle palate. Normally I’ll turn to a trusted favourite like Frosties, Coco Pops, Ricicles, Corn Pops etc. but recently in moment of bargain induced impulsion I bought a box of Honey Cheerios.

Firstly the flavour was somewhat more muted than what I’m used to in sugary cereals, I felt as though this is something my Dad could actually tolerate and perhaps enjoy every once in a while and that’s not a good thing. I don’t want my sweet cereals to be mature and healthful, I want them to smack me around the head with a burst of artificial flavouring.

How are they compared to Honey Loops?

HC didn’t exactly provide the necessary sugar hit you expect with sweet cereal, the honey flavour instantly hits your tongue but fades just  as quick leaving you with plain old original Cheerios. Once milk is applied the flavour virtually vanishes.

The first mouthful of Honey Loops was like getting a saccharine loaded punch in the mouth. The flavour is also more honey-like, sticks around longer and flavours the milk as well as retaining some good coating.

AS for the crunch factor there was no comparison. HL remain hard and crunchy even when steeped in milk for a minute or so. HC have a lighter airier texture and become soggy quickly. While some people hate this, I’m not averse to soggy cereal, I actually quite like the contrast between soggy and crunchy when cereal is left to do its thing in milk.

No surprise Honey Loops take it here, Nestle are fighting a losing battle by trying to compete with one of Kellogg’s better varieties.

More cereal, including Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, to follow.


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