Hats Off!

18 Sep

Top Hats

Back when I was growing up the Marshmallow Top Hat was a staple of every party spread. A simple marshmallow pressed into a generous bed of chocolate with a colourful smartie placed on top had the power to drive children into a frenzy. It was a simpler time, a time when rain during the summer months was few and far between, and the biggest worry you had was what flavour soap from the Body Shop to get your friend for their birthday. There was a party on every other Saturday and you never had to worry about waking up on a Sunday morning with a dreaded case of the horrors. Life was indeed good.

I had a fair bit of chocolate left over from the Cookies during the week and knew that if I didn’t come up with a plan for it pronto, it would all end up in my belly. I wanted something super easy, super tasty, and very moreish. Top Hats ticked all the boxes, and how! All it takes are some marshmallows (Princess are my favourite brand; soft inside but not gummy and with a slight sugary crust on the outside, yum) chocolate, smarties, and bun cases (those little petit-fours cases work best if you have smaller marshmallows). And there you have it, sweet sweet gooey nostalgia.

Marshmallow Top Hat


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