The Cheese Club

9 Sep

We recently decided to list our favourtie cheeses and in order to do so we thought it necessary to consume copious amounts of the stuff, in the line of duty of course. Turns out our tastes are refined and childish all in one, it is apparently possible to love American cheese as much as an unpasturized Brie. They both have their distinctive qualities one can’t possibly ignore. Without furhter nonsense here’s the list minus the odours unfortunately.

Manchego CheeseManchego: Certainly a lesser known cheese in Ireland but a firm (no pun intended) favourite in Spain thats now available at selected Lidl stores. A relatively hard cheese with a sweet nutty flavour that melts extremely well and in my book thats a good thing.  My guess is if you like mature cheddar or comté you’ll like this.

Blue Stilton: Stilton has a smell not to everyone’s taste and has been likened to that of a foot. Turned off yet? please don’t be, this rich and powerful cheese goes surprisingly well with so many things. I made a recent discovery that may have changed my life, blue stilton and avocado toasted sandwich. The toast has to be let go almost cold so its really crunchy, add some mayo and dijon and you sir have a fine sandwich. Sublime.

American Cheese: Deride, deride if you must but just think where would we be without it? Cheeseburgers wouldn’t exist (other cheeses DON’T work), buttered toast would never have become the mighty grilled cheese, and crisp and cheese sandwiches would be texturally wrong.

Still scoff?

Mature Cheddar: ‘Let them eat cheese’ (cheddar to be specific) was the message from the government in response to the financial crisis in 2010. A novel one perhaps but hardly a solution to the worst economic downturn in decades. However, seeking help from the yellowy stuff in turbulent times only highlights the high esteem in which it is held. With such an assortment of flavours and textures cheddar is for me the most versatile and therefore most important of all cheeses. Try some mature cheddar melted on heavily buttered toast and tell me I’m wrong.

More cheese to follow soon.

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One Response to “The Cheese Club”

  1. Savory Simple September 10, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    That blue cheese and avocado sandwich sounds intense!

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