Birthday Cake

9 Sep

M&S Madeira Birthday Cake
You know you’re getting old when you’re excited about getting Madeira cake for your birthday. But this one had fondant balloons so it’s still got some of the kiddy factor.

I won’t tell you how old I am but I’m mature enough to appreciate the subtle butteriness of Madeira over a chocolate cake but young enough to want colourful cake decoration to reassure me I’m not that old. This cake does exactly that, its light and yet reassuringly rich and buttery with a not too sugary sweetness to satisfy all palates. It’s quite simply the best Madeira Cake I’ve ever tried and you can get it at any Marks and Spencer store.

It’s also available in the traditional form without fondant for a paltry €3.89 and is the best accompaniment for a cup of tea, apart from digestive biscuits of course.
I could have attempted to make my own Madeira cake and bring you the recipe but after tasting a number of shop bought and home variations, Marks easily won out. That’s why I recommend you buy this and save yourself the time, effort, and agony of realising yours just isn’t as good. Sometimes shop bought is better.

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